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There are two options to start:

*) Download and execute the C64 installer and optional download all snapshots/games

*) Download the single C64 exe with your selected snapshots/games included

Version: (2022-03-06)

See here for version changes.

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Raspberry PI

C64 Emulator Raspberry PI

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The C64 Installer content

The following files are included in the installer and copied on your computer:

C64.exeThe C64 Emulator application
C64_cgi.exeThe C64 Emulator as shell application (for developers)
plugin.hThe extension interface header file (for developers)
C64_Extension_Interface.chmThe extension interface description document (for developers)
C64-server.exeThe network stand-allone server (optional)
thumbnails(32/64).dllExplorer thumbnail extension for .s64 files (optional)
license.txtLicense text file