PC-1541 Adapter

You want store your old C64 disks on your PC ?
Long time ago, i was looking for a solving to store my old disks on my PC with my 1541 floppy drive. The important thing for me was to keep my floppy as is.
Did not found anything, so began my own project. The base is a microprocessor R8C/13 from renesas.
The idea is to convert the CBM/serial bus signals to single bytes and transport these over the RS232 (COM) to the PC.
And for sure do the same reversed in the other direction.
The windows software interprets/build from the single bytes the 1541 floppy commands.


At the moment you may load a disk image/sectors from a C64 disk and
store the data on the PC in the D64 file format. The data is transfered sector wise, so you've got a one to one data image from the disk.
For future is planned to use the adapter as floppy for the C64 too. (firmware already may do)
I can't give any warranty or fitness to the code or the drafts !

Screenshots and Drafts

Serial Protocol

Further information about the project coming soon...