C64 Emulator

Commodore 64

The Commodore 64 computer was one of the first and most sold home computer in the 80's. Equipped with video, sound and two joysticks the C64 was the perfect platform for games. This is one of the reason why so many games were made for this computer.     

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This private project emulates an old C64 computer and makes it easy to get into the world of the C64 games. The original games are resurrected in their at that time saved format. It was fun to develop this project and the users maybe have fun too!

Create your own C64.exe with included games or go to the downloads!

Try the new JavaScript C64 Emulator running direct in your browser!


This project is a Commodore 64 computer emulator and makes all electronic parts of the C64 hardware and the 1541 Floppy device through software available. The emulator itself is provided in a single exe file that is copied on the local computer. Although the project is still in development state many games are already working.


The most games for the real C64 were delivered in the past by floppy disks. Today it's common to download this "disks" from the internet in the D64 file format. So one .d64 file represents a single side of the floppy disk. For other supported file formats see below.

File formats and there hardware opposes:

  • .d64 = floppy disk (data image)
  • .g64 = floppy disk (raw image)
  • .t64 = tape (data image)
  • .tape = tape (raw image)
  • .prg = single program
  • .crt = cartridge
  • .sid = C64 music only file
  • .s64 = own file format for storing snapshots

Quick Setup

1) Download and execute the C64-Games.exe - download here.
2) Start one of the shown games by selecting with the left mouse or the enter key
3) Play with the selected joystick (mapped to the keyboard by default)
  • Joystick left, right, up, down: Arrow keys
  • Joystick Fire button: Left control key (ctrl)

See section application for further details.


The C64 Emulator binary is free for non-commercial use only. See license agreement for details.


This emulator was designed to play C64 Games on low CPU performance. Therefore the internal clock is based on the CPU command-cycles and will reach a better perfomance on the host computer. But with this system a 100% stable emulation of the C64 is not reached yet. But for the most games and application it's already sufficient.

  • *) CPU (99%), VIC (95%), SID (95%), CIA (99%) emulation
  • *) Floppy 1541 Emulation (99%)
  • *) .crt, .d64, .g64, .t64, .tape, .prg, .sid, .asm, file types
  • *) Snapshots (.s64)
  • *) Create your own C64.exe with your favourite games !
  • *) Keyboard / Joystick
  • *) Multiplayer - Multiple Joysticks over Network !
  • *) Debugger included


  • *) Some cartridges are not supported.
  • *) Still VIC timing problems with some games.