C64 Emulator Extensions

The C64 extensions are modules/plugins to add special features to the C64 emulator. This extensions are packed together in one installer and can be downloaded here.

To activate an extension just click to the icons on your desktop or execute the c64.exe with the argument --plugin folllowed by the extension name or select the extension in the Configuration - Extended - Extension Dll

Extensions download - and keep the C64 Emulator up-to-date.

Last Changes: August 2018 - Camera and Modem Extension

Video Extension

--plugin C64_plugin_video.dll

Video File: "My Documents"/C64_video.ogv

With the video extension you are able to save a video file during playing or working with the emulator. Just activate the video recording by pressing the insert key.

I tried also to run the emulator in a web server environment as CGI to play a snapshot file in the emulation and transfer the video to the web client (Firefox). Here are the CGI calling arguments: c64_cgi.exe --no-output --plugin C64_plugin_video.dll --stream-video --stream-audio

GIF Animation Extension

--plugin C64_plugin_gif.dll

Picture File: "My Documents"/C64_animation.gif

Sound File: "My Documents"/C64_animation.wav

With the GIF extension you are able to save a gif animation file during playing or working with the emulator. Just activate the recording by pressing the insert key.

TScript Extension

--plugin C64_plugin_script.dll

The user is able to develop extensions with the TScript engine (TScriptDll.dll).

Example Scripts:

  • script_serial_file.tsc - load and save programs directly into your "My Documents" folder (as prg files).
  • script_serial_web.tsc - load snapshot files from c64emulator.111mb.de
  • script_webserver.tsc - tiny web-server which will show informations on a browser
  • script_snapshot_history.tsc - load snapshots from the history by pressing multiple times Alt+F2

Debugger Extension

--plugin C64_plugin_debugger.dll

Debug your C64 programs include viewing assembler statements and memory.


Camera Input Extension

--plugin C64_plugin_tv.dll

This is more a technical study and for fun. The extension simulates a multi-bank cartridge with an included asm program on it, which will be copy itself into the ram after execution. The program always switch to the next bank of the cartridge and copies the buffer into screen ram. The extension provides a single picture from the camera input, every time the bank selection changes. That means you can see a very simple video of the camera input.

RS232 ESP8266/User-Port Modem Extension

--plugin C64_plugin_modem.dll

This is the beta version of an ESP8266 and an user-port RS232 modem. This extension provides the two modems, a web configuration, a REU Ram extension and an interface to provide the data transfer. The data transfer can be done through a TCP network server or an executable file (in-out pipes).

Self-made Extension

See the interface header (written in C) for details.

Additional there is a "C64_Extension_Interface.chm" help file available in the C64 program folder after installing the C64 Emulator.