C64 JavaScript Emulator

This JavaScript Emulator is a cross-compile of the original C++ C64 Emulator. So jump in and play the fantastic C64 games in your browser - right now. Please rate the C64 Emulator

Special thanks to:

  • * "Schütti" - for the corporate conversion work to JavaScript
  • * Emscripten and LLVM - link to the site


  • The C64 JavaScript Emulator is free for non-commercial use only.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 2 GHz CPU and an up-to-date browser - see here for browser and sound support.

How to use

Play with the C64 Joystick which is emulated by the following:

*) Keyboard 1: Cursor Keys and Left Ctrl Key

*) Keyboard 2: W/S/A/D and Left Shift key

*) Touch Screen: 4 directions/corners and the middle position

*) Gamepad/Joystick: 1 or 2 Gamepads support + Paddles (axes 3/4)

The game status from the "Save" button is available for every game after restart also.




Drop File and Play!

S64, D64, G64, X64, ZIP, PRG, P00, T64, TAP, CRT

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