C64 JavaScript Emulator - Multiplayer

Play the JavaScript Emulator together over network.

This Multiplayer part is outdated and because of constantly incompatibilities with the external JavaScript Interfaces not maintained anymore. But for developers should it be possible to restore the functionality for their needs.

How it works

The first player which connects to the network channel (JavaScript Server below) is the player who's game and emulation state is synchronized to all others. Key and joystick input from all playsers are merged together and executed on all C64 Emulator instances. Usually a two player game is started and one player swaps the joystick port.

Create a game

Click the "Open Channel" button inside the "C64 JavaScript Server" form and share the link to others. Additional a new browser window appears with your game now.

Join a game

Find a buddy how is sharing with you the channel link. Just open the link and the emulation starts.

Browser Support

See here if your browser supports the WebRTC api and the multiplayer mode.

Example games with two player possibilities

Bubble-Bobble, DoubleDragon2, KickOff2, Pitstop II, Racing-Destr-Set

C64 JavaScript Server