Create your own C64.exe

Select your favourite snapshots/games and download them in an automatic built C64.exe.

These snapshots are uploaded from the visitors in the upload area.

You must accept the terms of the license agreement before downloading the files.

1) Select your snapshots (one or multiple).


2) Select your title music (optional).


Play the Snapshots

Here you are able to play and watch the snapshots in your browser.

Create your own C64.exe - Hand made

Pack your favourite games in a single C64.exe file.

  • 1) Create an empty file folder on your local computer, Example: c:\mygames
  • 2) Copy your games in the empty folder with the specified naming (below)
  • 3a) Create the c64.exe with the configuration option: "Misc" - "Create Game Exe"
  • 3b) Or open the command line tool (accessories) and run the c64.exe with the games folder as parameter
  • Example: c64.exe -cd c:\mygames
  • The new C64-Games.exe is found in the parent folder, here in c:\
  • 4) Is just one game inside, the game will started later directly without game selection.

File Naming

name ... Your unique file name
x ... Joystick port number, 1 or 2
y ... File Number beginning from 1
z ... Loading mode 'F'ast or 'N'ormal
s ... Song Number beginning at 1

Fast mode... loads the file directly into the RAM
Normal mode... loads the file in the usual C64-Floppy way to the RAM

The name showing in the menu is taken from the file information
or the file name itself.
1) - Disk Filename.zy.x.d64
2) - Tape Filename.zy.x.t64 - loaded like a disk file
3) - Cartridge Filename.x.crt
4) - Program Filename.x.prg
5) - Snapshot Filename.x.s64
6) - SID Filename.s.sid

Prefere snaphot files (.s64) for your exe !

Title Music

Do you want music in your title screen ?!
Just copy your snapshot file in the right position were music plays, or a sid file into the game folder. The music file name always begins with the word music. (music1.s64, music2.s64, music3.1.sid ...)
These files are not listed in the game list, but taken for the music list. At the start of the application one music file is randomized choosen and may changed in the game list by pressing the left/right arrow keys.