C64 Emulator Android App

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Download Version: 15.9.2018 based on V1.0.4.5

SHA1: 0bc6c389d7efff8d46e3bb9186c8ea0b4ddb5294


Donwload the C64 Emulator Android App and install the app by executing the apk file. You have to temporary enable the "Unknown sources" option in your mobile settings.


  • * Joystick through touchpad.

  • * C64 Keyboard.

  • * Sound support

  • * Multiplayer support - compatible with the Windows and Raspberry PI version

  • * S64 file extension and MIME-type association (application/x-c64-snapshot)

  • * S64, D64, G64, X64, ZIP, PRG, P00, T64, TAP, CRT file support

  • * Snapshot download from c64emulator.111mb.de.

App Permissions:

  • * No special permissions needed

  • * Internal Storage (cache and save state).

  • * External Storage Read Access (loading C64 files).

  • * Internet access to c64emulator.111mb.de (snapshots and thumbnails).

Main Screen

App Screen

Please choose a snapshot from the thumbnail list. A single click starts the last save state and a long click the original snapshot.


  • 1) Open External C64 File
  • 2) Open Settings

Emulation Screen




  • *) Fire Button
  • *) Up/Down/Left/Right


ButtonClickLong Click
1)BackShow Version
2)Save Current State
3)Disk SelectionChange Touch Mode
4)C64 KeyboardToggle C64 Joystick Port
*)User Defined ButtonsChange Definition

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