C64 Emulator Android App

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Download Version: 2023-01-01 based on V1.0.4.9

SHA1: d4124abdb1b1dc0507625ed90579fd50dc30505a


Donwload the C64 Emulator Android App and install the app by executing the apk file. You have to temporary enable the "Unknown sources" option in your mobile settings. Please repeat this installation for any updates (your data stay preserved).

No advertising, no bullshit. I just provide her my free project to the public. This C64 Emulator App is not distributed to any "App Store", just here on c64emulator.111mb.de.


  • * C64 Joystick through Touchpad or Gamepad.

  • * C64 Keyboard.

  • * Sound support

  • * Multiplayer support - compatible with the Windows and Raspberry PI version

  • * S64 file extension and MIME-type association (application/x-c64-snapshot)

  • * S64, D64, G64, X64, ZIP, PRG, P00, T64, TAP, CRT file support

  • * Snapshot download from c64emulator.111mb.de.

No special App permissions needed:

  • * Internal Storage - cache and save state.

  • * External Storage Read Access - loading C64 files.

  • * Internet access to c64emulator.111mb.de - snapshots and thumbnails.

Last changes:

  • * RAM Extensions.

  • * Multi Window Support.

  • * Enhanced Tape Support - Keyboard with Tape Controls.

  • * The last save state will be record in parallel to the original snapshot.

  • * File selection screen for loading external C64 disk files.

Main Screen

App Screen


1)Open External C64 File
2)Open Settings

ClickStarts the last save state
L.ClickStarts the original snapshot

Emulation Screen



ToolbarClickLong Click
1)BackShow Version
2)Save Current StateOverwrite original snapshot
3)Disk SelectionChange Touch Mode
4)C64 KeyboardToggle C64 Joystick Port
*)User Defined ButtonsChange Definition

TouchpadC64 Joystick
*)Fire Button

Gamepad / Joystick

Just connect an USB or Bluetooth Gamepad/Joystick to your device.

A)Fire Button
X)Fire Button
B)Toolbar User Button 1
Y)Toolbar User Button 2
C)Toolbar User Button 3
Z)Toolbar User Button 4

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