C64 Emulator Android App

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Download Version: 8.7.2018 based on V1.0.4.4

SHA1: C79AC78979D77BB0F69C07F1844C6E15341E4C00


Donwload the C64 Emulator Android App and install the app by executing the apk file. You have to temporary enable the "Unknown sources" option in your mobile settings.

This is app is primary an alternative to the JavaScript C64 Emulator in case the device is not fast enough.


  • * Joystick through touchpad.

  • * C64 Keyboard.

  • * Sound support

  • * Multiplayer support - compatible with the Windows and Raspberry PI version

  • * S64 file extension and MIME-type association (application/x-c64-snapshot)

  • * S64, D64, G64, X64, ZIP, PRG, P00, T64, TAP, CRT file support

  • * Snapshot download from c64emulator.111mb.de.

App Permissions:

  • * No special permissions needed

  • * Internal Storage (cache and save state).

  • * External Storage Read Access (loading C64 files).

  • * Internet access to c64emulator.111mb.de (snapshots and thumbnails).

Main Screen

Please choose a snapshot from the thumbnail list. A single click starts the last save state or like a long click the original snapshot.

The "C64" entry starts the original C64 emulator or it's save state. Here your'e able to load external files through the disk selection.

Emulation Screen



  • *) Fire Button
  • *) Up/Down/Left/Right


ButtonClickLong Click
1)BackShow Version
2)Save Current State
3)Disk SelectionChange Touch Mode
4)C64 KeyboardToggle C64 Joystick Port
*)User Defined ButtonsChange Definition