C64 Emulator Raspberry PI

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Download Version: 2022-03-06 based on V1.0.4.7


Download the C64 Emulator and install with: sudo dpkg -i c64-raspi-1.0_i386.deb
- Re-login after installation

If you like to uninstall later: sudo dpkg -r c64-raspi

The c64_raspi is able to load a snapshot (.s64) file during the start. Just click the .s64 desktop icon or tell the application the path to the snapshot or other C64 file as argument: c64-raspi ./myGame.s64. Or use the internal snapshot selection by setting a snapshot folder as argument: c64-raspi ~/games

  • * Cursor and ctrl keys for the joystick (Configuration through Alt+F5).

  • * Analog/digital joystick support.

  • * "Page up" or the "page down" key to select a different floppy disk.

  • * Press the right mouse button into the window (or Alt+F4) to close the application.

  • * Multiplayer support - compatible with the Windows and Android version

  • * S64, D64, G64, X64, ZIP, PRG, P00, T64, TAP, CRT file support

  • * Grafic support through Dispmanx or X-Window

  • * Tested on Raspberry 2, 3 and 4

  • * Sound support


  • * Plugin the joystick before you start the application.
  • * If you start the application through a SSH client use sudo: sudo c64-raspi ./myGame.s64.

Last Changes:

  • * Internal Snapshot Selection - snapshot folder as argument
  • * GBM Display Driver Support
  • * Joystick/Gamepad Keys with functionality

C64 Games

Download the snapshots.zip file to your Raspberry and unzip the files into a folder (example): unzip ./snapshots.zip -d ~/games


  • Shift + Esc : Reset or Game selection [Gamepad Key 7]
  • Alt + F4 : Quit Application
  • Alt + F5 : Change Joystick Configuration [Gamepad Key 8]
  • Alt + F7 : Load Snapshot [Gamepad Key 4]
  • Alt + F8 : Save Snapshot [Gamepad Key 3]
  • Page Up : Select Disk [Gamepad Key 10]
  • Page Down: Select Disk [Gamepad Key 9]
  • Home : Select Prev Snapshot [Gamepad Key 6]
  • End : Select Next Snapshot [Gamepad Key 5]

Raspberry Network Server

If you like to have a stand-alone C64 network server always running on your raspberry, download the C64 Emulator Network Server and install with:
sudo dpkg -i c64-server-raspi-1.0_i386.deb

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