Snapshot Upload Area

All visitors are able to upload snapshot files. Snapshot files are created with the C64 emulator by pressing the Alt+F3 key. The snapshot file can be found afterwards in the folder "My Documents"/snapshot.s64.

How to prepare

Save your snapshot (Alt+F3) on the right position where the users can begin to work or play. Specially be aware of setting the right joystick port (Alt+F5) before saving the file.

A game with multiple disks can be prepared by selecting all disks in the "File Open" dialog (F10). These disks are selectable in the "Disk Box" and are saved in the snapshot file.


A snapshot is a full data image of the emulating computer and floppy at the moment of taking the image. The C64 emulator software is not able to protect the copyright of the software running in the emulation and the following snapshot creation. It is the responsibility of the user using the C64 emulator and this upload area not to offend against any law.


The upload is disabled for an indefinite period of time.



3) Use as title music


Remove Snapshot

Set the name of the snapshot to remove:

Only snapshots which are created during the last three days can be removed.


2) Title music


Existing Snapshots

Existing Music